Along the boundary wall of the castle, one finds “The gardener’s houses,” which are pleasant rural suites located close to one of the park’s entry gates.

The houses have undergone a complete renovation and it is now possible to rent these flats, once inhabited by the people who worked in the castle. What makes these apartments special is that each has a different theme, evident in its decoration and furnishing.

Each theme is based on one of the people that worked there. There is the coachman’s house, the orchard keeper’s house, the woodcutter’s house, the gardener’s house, and also the herbalist’s house, because in the past the apothecary’s shop was located right there.

Reminiscent of the past, it has simple furniture that hints at the everyday life of the people who took care of the garden, the orchard, the officinal herbs, the woods, the horses, and the coaches which were essential to the life of the castle.