The castle


Pralormo is situated in the centre of Piedmont, in a sweet hilly area where you can benefit from a great view of the Alps, from Monviso to Monte Rosa.

Years by years, the Castle, built during the 13th century, from fortress became a royal residence thanks to restoration works made by some of the most important architects of the time.
Actually, around the second half of the 19th century, Count Carlo Beraudo of Pralormo, a diplomatic and officer during the reign of King Carlo Alberto, chose the best architect of the time, Ernesto Melano, to transform the mansion and plan the park to the best Prussian landscape architect, Xavier Kurten, specialized in English gardens planning.

Nowadays the Mansion is still inhabited by the Beraudo of Pralormo’s family living the castle since 1680.

The Castle can be visited from the begging of spring till late autumn on a tour to discover daily life into an ancient Savoy abode: from the basements to the kitchen pantries, from the orchards to the salon dedicated to light up and heat the abode, from the servants’ room to the headmaster’s office, from the kitchens to the offices, from the bathrooms to the Music room and the Minister’s office, the kids’ rooms, the completely furnished dining room and the honour room where you still have the feeling to hear the steps of the dancers.

Moreover, a new tour has been recently launched, dedicated to the amazing historical model trains (1895-1940)) and to a spectacular still working large scale (1:43) tracks circuit, which crosses about three different rooms on last floor of the Castle. The tour is reserved for little groups of enthusiastic people and for collectors. The visit at these vintage miniature trains includes some of the first spring model trains, then steam-powered and electric trains. Furthermore there are documents and cartographies dedicated to the construction of the railways and of the rail tunnels, technological innovations which thrilled our great-grandfathers as the models testify.

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